Help Flavour keep the local restaurants alive!


Help us keep the local restaurants alive!

We have been blessed to make a living in music the last decade in large part due to the relationships we've made with local restaurants and food businesses over the years.  

With the covid-19 pandemic, some restaurants have closed down, while others continue to serve the community with carryout and delivery options. 

One of Flavour's primary goals is to help others in need. Now we have an opportunity to help the restaurants that offer carryout and delivery oprtions.  We want to do our part by advertising the top local restaurants across the country to our online audience in hopes that they would spread the word to those who would like to patronize them. We do this by featuring the restaurant(s) during our livestream shows. When the local restaurant industry is doing good, then the local entertainment  industry does well as a result.

This video above is a livestream show that partnered Flavour with local restaurant Good Time Charli's. Be sure to check out Good Time Charli's at:

If you know a restaurant looking for online entertainment please let us know. We would like to feature them on our show.